Organization and purpose

Sakata Seed Ibérica is organizing the first edition of the SAKATA AWARDS in order to recognize the promotion of a good diet and healthy habits.

The SAKATA AWARDS originated with the aim of rewarding the work of individuals or companies who promote culinary quality, disseminate new gastronomic trends, promote healthy products, help to train future culinary talents, encourage the consumption of fruit and vegetables, and seek gastronomic excellence, all based on the values and best practices of Sakata Seed Ibérica.



All the categories are governed by these Rules.

The first edition of the SAKATA AWARDS consists of four categories:

• SEMILLA AWARD: Aimed at recognizing the skills of future talents of haute cuisine who are currently training at catering courses at schools across Spain. It consists of a competition to create a tapa based on the vegetable known as Bimi.

• SAVIA HONORARY AWARD: Aimed at recognizing the track record of an outstanding professional in the catering sector.

• SENTIDOS AWARD: Aimed at distinguishing the work of media professionals in the promotion and dissemination of healthy eating in the media, in line with the values of Sakata Seed Iberica.

• SPECIAL BIMI AWARD: Aimed at recognizing the work of professionals in the catering sector who have helped to showcase and propagate the culinary use of Bimi.



The awards will be decided upon by a single jury made up of a minimum of five members who will be appointed by the Management Committee of the Sakata Awards. The jury members will be chosen from among people or entities of recognized prestige in the sector in order to guarantee the fitness, competence and independence of the jury.The jury president will be a representative of Sakata Seed Ibérica.

The jury’s decisions will be taken by majority vote. In the event of a tie, the vote of the representative of Sakata Seed Ibérica will prevail. In addition, during the course of any deliberations, the Sakata Seed Ibérica representative may suggest any type of method that may help towards the interpretation and fairer application of this Rule.

The Jury’s decisions will not be open to appeal.


Prize-giving ceremony

The prizes will be awarded at the Fruit Attraction trade fair (Ifema, Madrid)on 24 October 2018.

Each of the SAKATA AWARDS in the categories of SAVIA, SENTIDOS and SPECIAL BIMI will consist of an exclusively created trophy, duly identified and numbered.

In the case of the SEMILLA award, the winner will be entitled to a training course under the renowned chef Martín Berasategui at his three-star Michelin restaurant Lasarte.


Liability and conditions

Once they have been pre-selected, the contestants will be notified of their status as a finalist. It is an essential part of their participation that they are aware of, and accept, these Terms and Conditions.

Any instance not covered by these Terms and Conditions will be resolved by the organizers and the participants agree to abide by any such decisions, which are not open to appeal.

The organizers reserve the right to modify the dates of the different stages of the competition as well as any other aspect that, in their opinion, would improve the organization of the competition and its procedures.


Confidentiality and data processing

The fact of participating in the Sakata Awards implies full acceptance of these Rules by the contestants. The Management Committee of the Sakata Awards reserves the right to make any changes, clarifications or rectifications of the Legal Rules, at all times publishing any such changes with the same level of publicity as that given to these Rules.


Head office

The head office of the SAKATA AWARDS is:
Plaza Poeta Vicente Gaos 6, Bajo
46021 Valencia
CIF: B-96560925
For further information:

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