Principles Sakata Awards

Sakata Seed Ibérica specializes in the production of seeds and new and improved plant varieties. We created the Sakata Awards in order to recognize those individuals or organizations who work to promote a healthy lifestyle. We believe they set an example to society and, indeed, to us by promoting the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

These awards were created in line with the values of the company, which was founded in Japan more than 100 years ago.


In our work, we aspire to help others to improve their own work. We do not believe in self-importance or arrogance. We want the world to grow based on the quality of its food, and the source of that food is good seeds. We want to be at the beginning of many things.

Always learning. Always improving. Always stretching ourselves.


This means believing in other people and creating with other people. It is the foundation on which our associations are based. Without trust, you cannot achieve compromise. We want to be close to you. We want to listen and to contribute. We aspire to treat everyone equally; to be useful and to grow alongside you.


We have been amassing knowledge for more than 100 years. This is a baggage that we wish to share with others. Experience should not be lost; it should be transmittedin order for all of us to benefit from it. We seek to enrich whatever you do, without forgetting to also learn from you.


We want to simplify things, to be natural, using straightforward language that is easy to understand. Highlighting what is important. In Japan there is a word that describes what we mean: SHIBUMI. It refers to eloquent silence, modesty without being false, elegance, simplicity, authority without domination.


Honesty means acting from a basis of truth. We like sincerity, without forgetting respect and empathy. We say what we do, and we do what we say. We are consistent. As far as we are concerned, honesty starts in oneself and ends in the other person.


We are full of drive, and that passion is the engine of our work.Our present is the result of everything we have done, and our future is a possibility that we are in the process of constructing. We aspire to be different and to seek out the right products. We are proactive, stimulating change through research. Excellence means continuous improvement.


We want to serve and to deliver the very best. We understand service as a commitment. Service to our clients, our suppliers and our employees. Service to society, by offering them quality. When it comes down to it, the person who serves well grows, and helps other people to grow.

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